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Taran Kootenhayoo and Sylvi macCormac in Bella Ciao!

Bella Ciao !

In every community there is a central street where the present is disputed, new plans made, and fading memories refreshed. Our story begins in the first light of dawn on one such street, Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, capturing an unforgettable day as surprising, funny and courageous as the street that inspired it.

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Kirsten Slenning as Tabitha

Small Currents

Tabitha, the daughter of a Hutterite, moves from Winnipeg to Vancouver, taking her six year old daughter, Emily, with her. Caught between a desire for intimacy with her new friend, Hassan, and a sense of shame and past regret, Tabitha relies upon the insights of Emily to help determine their future.

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Knife cuts an orange. This is a slide from the film acts of imagination produced by Commercial Drive Productions

Acts of Imagination

Katya and her brother, Jaroslaw, recent immigrants from Ukraine, live in east end Vancouver. Despite their lifelong intimacy, a chasm grows between them. He struggles to commit to a single mom of Korean origin, while Katya, caught somewhere between history and imagination, takes up with an older man from Pakistan…

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