Acts of Imagination

Stephanie Hayes who plays Katya from Acts of Imagination

Katya – Acts of Imagination

Maki Nagisa as Seuchong

Billy Marchenski as Jaroslaw

Katya and her brother, Jaroslaw, recent immigrants from Ukraine, live in east end Vancouver. Despite their lifelong intimacy, a chasm grows between them. He struggles to commit to a single mom of Korean origin, while Katya, caught somewhere between history and imagination, takes up with an older man from Pakistan. Misunderstandings follow, and a spiral of unintended consequences changes them all. Eastern Europe intersects with Asia in a film about the mutability of memory, historical repression, and the exquisite fragility of new relationships.


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“thematically rich and complex narrative… Combs’s unvarnished and raw approach to the characters and their world results in an exceptional intimacy. As Katya, Hayes is a discovery.”

Marguerite Pigott, Toronto International Film Festival

“exquisitely acted … successfully tackling subjects that film makers in Ukraine have not attempted thus far…  the psychology of a young generation of Ukrainians for whom the period of independence turned into a shattered dream”

Yuri Shevchuk, Telekritica, Ukraine

“… the broader context is the troubled politics of the 20th century and the legacy of socialism in particular… highly recommended for those who prefer intelligent and thought-provoking movies.”

Louis Proyect, The Unrepentant Marxist