Bella Ciao !

(Screengrab of Taran Kootenhayoo as Niki and Sylvi macCormac as Lenny)

Why this film?

Because communities build coherence and maintain dignity through traditions of cooperation and resistance.

Where is it set?

At the intersection of the Latin, Italian and First Nations communities along Commercial Drive in east Vancouver.

Who is the Director? Who is on her team? 

Carolyn Combs is directing, with Caroline Perry as First AD. Andrew Forbes is Director of Photography and Roman Hylwa is Production Designer. Casting director is Lynne Carrow. Line Producer is Karen Wong. Post Production supervisor is Ken Hayward.

Who wrote the Screenplay?

Michael Springate with Carolyn Combs and Jeremy Waller.

Which Production Company is making the film?

Three local production companies invested in a new production company, Bella Ciao Digital, to make this work possible: Commercial Drive Productions (Carolyn Combs, Michael Springate, Carla Jones), Aja Entertainment (Victor Martinez Aja, Rob Murphy) and RNR Media (Karen Wong). Those six names are the producers.